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Cleaning News In September 2017

Faux suede and last minute emergency clean

Sep 27, 2017

I stared the day with just a large faux suede seating area to clean in Miskin. I returned homed to have a bite to eat and do a few invoices etc . Midway through a cup of tea I received a call to clean the carpets in a four bedroom house in Llanharry due to messy tenants. I came out and saved...

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Head marks on upholstery cleaning in Lisvane

Sep 25, 2017

A small job just cleaning marks where heads have rested on cleaning upholstery in Lisvane, Cardiff. When it comes to cleaning upholstery there are generally a few key areas to look out for one is where the persons head touches the fabri, heads may be a bit greasy or contain hair laquer which...

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Dirty settee upholstery cleaning in Whitchurch

Sep 19, 2017

i just thought that this photo of a sofa in Whitchurch Cardiff demonstrates the sort of transformation that can be achieved with a decent steam cleaning machine. When a sofa has this much soiling it would take forever and a day to clean without the use of a powerful machine. Fortunately here...

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Cleaning apartment stairs in Barry, carpet cleaning in Barry

Sep 14, 2017

I regularly get asked how far will my hoses reach so I've popped in a photo of my hoses reaching up four stories (not that high) in apartments in Barry. Actually I was cleaning the foyer areas and stairs. Although setting up my equipment for high rise work can take a little while there is...

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Playing about with a dirty carpet

Sep 13, 2017

Here I wanted to show how much cleaning power I have at my disposal. I simply poured mud onto the carpet, threw milk and coffee onto it and steam cleaned it away. I wouldn't recommend doing this on all carpets!

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Cleaning your own carpet

Sep 10, 2017

Luckily I managed to rescue this carpet in Cowbridge. It would appear to be a great idea to rent a carpet cleaning machin, clean your own carpets and save on paying a professional cleaner. The carpet in the photos had received such treatment but due to its lack of power and heat it could only...

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Cleaning stairs carpet cleaning in Pontyclun

Sep 9, 2017

I thought the pictures of these stairs provided a good illustration of the impact of steam cleaning using a truckmount machine. With my carpet cleaning machine most spots on a carpet don't stand a chance! The water is heated to a very high temperature which can literally melt away stains...

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Cleaning a heavily stained rug, carpet cleaning in Cardiff

Sep 7, 2017

I really enjoy cleaning dirty rugs and I had a good one here. This one was in a primary school in Cardiff. One can only guess at the nasties lurking in it .... sick,tea,coffee,wee,oil you name it! As you can see from the images the rug recieved a transformation with all the bad stains removed....

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Welcome to the Clean Living Cardiff blog

Sep 6, 2017

A warm welcome to the Clean Living Cardiff blog.

I’ll use the blog to keep you up-to-date with my jobs, cleaning tips and other useful information.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner in Cardiff, please

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