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What to do if you spill red wine on your carpet in Cowbridge

May 12, 2018

It's so easy to let your guard down for a few moments and leave your glass of wine in an unwise spot and - oops - the glass is sent flying and the wine is all over the carpet. Act immediately, you have to think and act swiftly. There is plenty of advice on the internet on what to do when red wine has become too close to a carpet, it can become a bit overwhelming. Don't panic, follow my advice and your carpet may live to see another day.

Please do not wipe or scrub at the spill

This is a basic error and will make it worse, we don't want to push the spill further into the carpet and we don't want to 'fluff the carpet up'. You will need to 'blot' the stain with a clean towel or other material. To blot means tapping the spill, the goal is to absorb the spill into the material that you are blotting with.

Please when blotting always start at the edge, this approach will steadily remove the spill bit by bit. To start blotting in the epicenter increases the risk of making things worse because there may be too much liquid to absorb for the material and it could spread the liquid further out.

Dilution is king

After a quite a bit of blotting the returns will dwindle, some water could help. Pour a bit of water onto a cloth and continue to blot. This will help to loosen more of the spill.

Next Step

Once you have blotted all that you can do it's time for the next step. Unfortunately although you may have removed most of the spillage there will be a little left behind. Do not fear there is another route to solve the problem.

Professional cleaning

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner with a truck mounted carpet cleaning system will ensure the maximum probability of removing a stain. So if you need carpet cleaning in Cowbridge call Julian now 07811794759

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