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Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning in Peterston Super Ely

May 3, 2018

Being in the carpet cleaning business I often hear poor advice and false information regarding carpet cleaning. The following are popular myths.

1) Cleaning my carpets will make them resoil faster!

This can be true but only if you have the carpets cleaned improperly. Some methods may leave behind a sticky residue which will attract soil and the carpets will be quickly dirty again. If you hire a professional company like Clean Living your carpets will no quickly get dirty. Actually your carpet will be cleaner longer because we thoroughly rinse out all the soil and cleaning agents.

2) Carpets Take Days To Dry After Cleaning

This is a very resilient myth probably because it is part nonsense and part truth. If the carpets are not cleaned properly then they could take days to dry. At Clean Living we use a massive truck mounted machine to provide a huge amount of suction which combined with the appropriate water flow means that carpets will dry quickly. Man made fibre carpets are often dry within an hour.

3) Steam Cleaning My Carpet Will Cause Mildew To Grow

Yet again this could be true if the carpet was poorly cleaned with a carpet left soaked for days. I would never leave a carpet that wet, if the carpet was wet for days then bacteria could grow. Properly cleaned carpets will not create mildew.

4) Carpets Cause Allergies

People are often told that carpets cause allergies and that they should be ripped up and thrown out! Carpets actually act as a filter and yes dust and soil will settle and stay on the carpet unless it is removed this leads onto the word maintenance. Carpets need regular vacuuming and intermittent professional cleaning, if these aren't undertaken then there is some truth to this. Removing the carpets doesn't alter the amount of dust, dirt and general pollution coming into the house. Without a carpet where does it all go? People who have removed carpets often report on how much more they have to clean and sweep! Hard floors are great but I am just passing on my findings.

5) My Carpet Is Quite New And Doesn't Need Cleaning

People often consider a two years old carpet to be new. Carpets are very good at hiding dirt and also because they get dirty gradually people don't always realise that they are dirty. Generally I suggest an annual clean.

6) I Have Found A Cleaner Who Will Do My Whole House For £50

I love these offers with silly prices, everybody needs to make a profit otherwise how do you live let alone buy replacement tools? Something would have to give which would probably mean poor equipment and cleaning products and a rushed job in order to go to next one to make enough money. otherwise they may tell you that the price was for a basic level clean and that a proper clean will cost xyz and you end up paying more than you bargained for, this is commonly referred to as 'bait and switch'.

7) Dry Cleaning Is Better Than Steam Cleaning

This myth probably keeps going due to people having had bad experiences of poor cleaning. There are pros and cons with dry cleaning your carpets are drier however it is more of a surface clean. Personally I think that dry cleaning is most suitable for low profile office carpets that need a quick freshen up and where time is of the essence due to the fact that some offices are open 24/7.

8) You Can't Wet Clean Wool Carpets

Wrong, I have cleaned thousands of them. If wool carpets are cleaned properly by not over wetting and using safe chemicals then cleaning them will help to extend the life and beauty of the carpet.

9) Cleaning Wears The Carpet Out

I can't understand this one. Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets are regularly cleaned preferrably with a truck mounted steam cleaner. Professional cleaning removes the soil and grit that can wear the fibres out through abrasion so cleaning should prolong its life.

10) Regular Carpet Cleaning Will Shrink My Carpet

This is not the case when using the appropriate water pressure combined with the enormous suction of a truck mounted machine carpets are left almost dry. This problem would arise due to using poor equipment and too much water.

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